MC12 Honors 2022. Watch Now.

1ST EVER! MC12 HONORS 2022Β πŸ†πŸ†πŸŽ™πŸŽ™ saluting the top Aborigine music and community change in Kentucky, Tennessee, & Beyond. It’s Only The Real. Stay Original. MICHECK1TWO




Salute the 1st Official MC12 Honors 2022.
Watch & enjoy Kentucky & Beyond vibration & culture. MC12.CO celebrates the best Independent music and community change from Kentucky & beyond. Leading the way into the future, add these 1st Annual Official MC12 Honorees. Stay Original.


Top Song of the Year

Threadz3000 – History
Yons (x 1200, Jordan Jetson) – Inspiration
Kyshona Armstrong – Listen
Rolynne – Work
Zaniah – Coffee Bean
Mr. Nova – Made
Tim Gent – What I Think P2 (x Lauren McClinton)
Mike Hicks – Who We Are
Classik Levine – Good Vibez Only
Down To Mars – The Loneliest Number

Producing A Kind Generation – Soul Sensation

Kori Black – Water
The Homies – The Come Down
B Simm – Beyonce’s Letter
Jay White – Mother
Jarrell Little – Son’s Holiday


Top Album of the Year

Top Songs of the Year
(Aborgine America)