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1st Annual MC12 Honors 🎙🎙

Fuck the Grammys. Indie music will save the world. Salute to America’s top independent music artists and local Kentucky and beyond community change. Congrats to the winners. MC12

Top Song of the Year

Threadz3000 – History
Yons (x 1200, Jordan Jetson) – Inspiration
Kyshona Armstrong – Listen
Rolynne – Work
Zaniah – Coffee Bean
Mr. Nova – Made
Tim Gent – What I Think P2 (x Lauren McClinton)
Mike Hicks – Who We Are
Classik Levine – Good Vibez Only
Down To Mars – The Loneliest Number

Producing A Kind Generation – Soul Sensation

Kori Black – Water
The Homies – The Come Down
B Simm – Beyonce’s Letter
Jay White – Mother
Jarrell Little – Son’s Holiday


Top Album of the Year

Top Songs of the Year
(Aborgine America)

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