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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Now Watching Dwann B https://youtu.be/k-bvwe3E_Pc?si=fqYrHPCCvmUGRenA Yahki Awakened https://youtu.be/vWfipe7rOIo?si=Mg7ccmJwRG3fWOwS Sosolinha https://youtu.be/XTaYdTUA484?si=36akW01EGeMRH5br   Akeem Supreme https://youtu.be/is7-8YtkuGQ?si=AnuU2GiP7zT56MrF  

Man Superpower: Semen Retention

Power of Semen Retention Is something to consider for the Indigenous American black man. Focus up, and see the results my nigga Studies show that if you...

Micheck Monday

MICHECK1TWO Each risin’ of the sun represents new energy begun. - MICHECK1TWO 🎙

NP: Make Up – Lauren McClinton x Tim Gent

Now playing Make Up by Lauren McClinton x Tim Gent. Peep MICHECK1TWO https://youtu.be/Ddljue6HOqU