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Friday, September 18, 2020
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High Energy Foods

Eating high energy foods in 2020 & beyond. From great works like Dr. Sebi & others, we've made a list of soul foods to grab...

BHM 2020

Check out regional BHM events happening in the KY/TN area. If you have an event to list, send here events@miCheck1two.com. MC 1/31 Final Friday at...

Shop: KULA Gallery

Check out MC's favorite newly-opened art gallery KULA Gallery, located in the heart of downtown Louisville. See www.ilovekula.com for details. MC KULA Gallery 1535 Lytle Street ...

MM: Effort

Do you ever feel like no giving your all?! Would you rather forfeit your best effort because of fear? Instead, trust your positive instincts...