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Now Watching Dwann B https://youtu.be/k-bvwe3E_Pc?si=fqYrHPCCvmUGRenA Yahki Awakened https://youtu.be/vWfipe7rOIo?si=Mg7ccmJwRG3fWOwS Sosolinha https://youtu.be/XTaYdTUA484?si=36akW01EGeMRH5br   Akeem Supreme https://youtu.be/is7-8YtkuGQ?si=AnuU2GiP7zT56MrF  

Black Americans Indigenous To America

So Called Black Americans are True Indigenous to America Happy Indigenous People’s Day. The indigenous American today is called black, but there’s more. Indigenous people...

Hip Hop Origins In America

Where hip hop originated Keep your eyez on the historical documentation and acknowledgment of American music and vibration. Recently, hip hop and rap has been...


Earthing/Grounding Earthing is absorbing of the purest of energy from the earth herself! Being grounded to true azz electricity with your feet firmly plugged into...