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Monday, April 22, 2024

TBT: Original Thanksgiving & The Pequot War Of America

Thanksgiving & The Pequot War in America The Original Thanksgiving was birth from the uprooting of the real copper aboriginal American Indians, me and you....

Hip Hop Origins In America

Where hip hop originated Keep your eyez on the historical documentation and acknowledgment of American music and vibration. Recently, hip hop and rap has been...

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Now Watching This Week Check out positive online Willie D https://youtu.be/D6fv7hReIHU?si=GILlBn7Y0i5gmzh- ITGTCAA https://youtu.be/eHe491COimE?si=-wkgt2pZ73RA94Bb Urban Farming https://youtu.be/gfCcI6_1iiA?si=juoIUTZsVxoU-AmW Meditative Vibes https://youtu.be/3UA780niZcs?si=-TJRfTccxJLgGx_F The Research Guy https://youtu.be/DnrNnH-P810?si=qVoLVPAqKVGif-31 +


Regional Vibrations. Lou 1/21 West Lou Coffee Talk & Taste 1/22 Starks @ Louisville Comedy Club 2/7 Nurture The West 2/18 Neo Soul Nights 2/21 Nurture The West 2/24 Black To...