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Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Bad Side of Vaccine

stay careful family.   Yo! Sending high vibes. Keep your immune system healthy everyday. Talk of vaccines is now going around the world. Our DNA holds...

Don’t Follow Celebrities

don't follow these celebrities bruh. Do your research. And just be yourself. Once you become a celebrity, you ain't shit. And you will never be...

Best Of The Web

best of the web https://youtu.be/gf0q_jNqLtQ https://youtu.be/WPXCH3Qqi3g https://youtu.be/kjf74-z-TgU https://youtu.be/5Io3j7_v8FY https://youtu.be/dxXvKswx1n4

Deception: Discovering The Lines of Purple

What is the line of purple?  More bullshit. Purple is the color of illusion. The color purple in media represents illusion, deception, and the manipulation...