Fxck Thanksgiving, family first.

Remember your ancestors during this time. The true indigenous “Native American” or aborigine of America is the black American — purposely misidentified as African-American to further confusion. But we broke out of that now — balance this shit back out.

Original Pequot Indians have for MILLENNIUMS given GRATITUDE to OUR INDIGENOUS AMERICAN ANCESTORS and OUR AMERICAN NATURE herself for nonstop life. It is THEE way of life. Thanksgiving is some bullshit, watch what really happened below. Salute to the Pequot tribe of Mystic, CT.


On a Connecticut night in 1637,

white immigrant foreigners known as bitch ass Pilgrims attacked the copper American indigenous Pequot villages of northern Connecticut for its land and resources. As the mostly women and children village slept, these punks set fire to the whole village, burning over 700+ mostly women and children alive. Bitch shit. After the Mystic Massacre, the current government seized control and mocked true Indian rituals & nature ceremonies via the false holiday THANKSGIVING — to smooth over their bad behavior troll the Indians they continue to kill off every year. Yet we are still here. Nah, we good. We remember our ancestors during this time.  MICHECK1TWO

Stay up, learn more about the powerful Pequot tribe