don’t follow these celebrities bruh.

Celebrity weirdos | MICHECK1TWO

Do your research. And just be yourself. Once you become a celebrity, you ain’t shit. And you will never be able to truly help your people & community of Earth — like a FREE BLACK MAN can. Study those with lots of money right now, most are fucked up, b/c they been fucked up. People on TV are caught up in shyt you have no fuckin’ idea about. Stop listening to and following their lead. They are being controlled, thus controlling your ass.

Many are waking up to the massive illusion of celebrity life protrayed in mainstream media – while they are ACTUALLY damn near robots, activated slaves under the control of a low vibration. Fuck them. Just look at these motha fuckas. Modern TV and RADIO (mostly FM – shoutout to AM radio for trying I guess), they are all owned by those who want to be you, but will never. You are of a supreme heart chakra and mindset, do your research. Find more of you. This old Earth American government are using A SMALL PORTION of the technology that exist — to try and program you and me away from our true divine energy on Earth. Symbols, signs, colors, words – all these spells is lame. Stop while you’re behind. Don’t follow these weridos. Stay original, do you. And turn the fuckin’ TV off. F*ck a celebrity. MICHECK1TWO