Kentucky native DJ Quinnette will be rocking the 1s x 2s for the next local vibe One Night Only returning August 31st. Discover more about Quinnette on IG. #MICHECK1TWO  
Grab your tickets to the 12th Annual Da'Ville Classic Drumline Showcase at livemu.sc/2HfGiLY.
Long live the real Queen. Queen of England ain't got shit on Aretha Franklin, the queen of traditional soul music from us Americans, black Americans if you want to go there. Changing lives through what God gave her, a voice. Simply. Your music and impact will be felt for...

Tiller x Wyandotte

Louisville native and RCA recording artist Bryson Tiller recently helped 2 bring newness & positivity to Louisville's Wyandotte Park. New basketball courts were donated by on behalf of Tiller and a small brand called Nike. Between education and community building, basketball is a great outlet to teach discipline, team work, and...