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Discover: Joia John

Discover the woman next door that turned out to be a whole ass snack. @JoiaJohn makes you feel invincible, comfortable in your own damn skin. American model and storyteller, John is a Kentucky-bred beauty. Yup that's right, take that LA. Follow her online now 🔥 MICHECK1TWO  
Catch Dj Always live Dec. 31st NYE in Louisville, KY at local favorite Flavour Restaurant. MICHECK1TWO
Listen to Michelle's Sun from WopsWorld. MICHECK1TWO https://open.spotify.com/album/2MetXX2H1dLcAhxWSiz1IU  
Ms. Nancy Wilson had it all. Style, grace, a voice from God, a jazz Goddess, and a black woman first. Rest in power Queen. MICHECK1TWO